harmikko’s mix 

001 teenage love affair - alicia keys

nothing really matters i don’t really care what nobody tell me i’m gonna be here it’s a matter of extreme importance my first teenage love affair

002 i’ll take good care of your heart - tank & letoya lucket

i’ll take good care of your heart, good care of your heart // look no further your search is over 

003 must be nice - lyfe jennings

even when your hustling days are gone she’ll be by your side still holding on even when those 20’s stop spinning and all those gold-digging women disappear she’ll still be here

004 the point of it all - anthony hamilton

my days seem long whenever we’re apart it’s like someone had thrown away my heart // the point of it all is I love you 

005 spend my life with you - eric benet

can I just see you every morning when i open my eyes can i just feel your heart beating beside me every night can we just feel this way together till the end of all time can I just spend my life with you

006 pretty wings - maxwell

if i can’t have you, let love set you free to fly your pretty wings around pretty wings

007 say yes - floetry

all you gotta do is say yes don’t deny what you feel let me undress you baby open up your mind and just rest i’m about to let you know you make me so all you gotta do is say yes

008 unthinkable - alicia keys

i was wondering maybe could I make you my baby if we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy

009 so beautiful - musiq soulchild

i feel like you were made just for me baby // Cause it just feels so right i don’t wanna waste no time if i had to choose i know i’m gonna always choose to be with you

010 ordinary people - john legend

girl im in love with you this ain’t the honeymoon past the infatuation phase right in the thick of love at times we get sick of love